When Love Calls Your Name

Silivea Johnson

Silivea Johnson has released her second single from the album "Heart Surgery", entitled, "When Love Calls Your Name". This single, originally written for movie soundtrack, upbeat and uplifting to anyone who is looking for the courage to press on in love!

Silivea Johnson is no newcomer to the music business, and with this second single, from her most recent album entitled, "Heart Surgery", she finally embraces her roots, and passion for music ministry as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and musician. The Album derives from Johnson's life experiences in love and ministry through the various highs and lows we all face, she finds the courage to continue on in encouraging others who like her, often experience discouragement. "Heart Surgery" is an opened platform body of work, featuring singles like, "When Love Calls Your Name", originally written for a romantic comedy film soundtrack in 2013, proclaims that Love (especially that shown to mankind through Christ), as well as that in relationships, is the key ingredient to realizing hope and a future for that which has been lost. It is uplifting and speaks to people from all ages and backgrounds. The first release from the same album is called "Can't Fix It", and is the heartbeat single from the album which inspired the album title selection, in that God is the only one who can mend broken hearts, and broken situations.

Silivea Johnson continues to grow musically as an artist and producer, and hopes to continue helping others seek freedom from spiritual bondage through Christ by sharing her own testimonies displayed in her songs.

For more information on Silivea, visit her official website at: www.siliveajohnson.com

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Can't Fix It

Silivea Johnson

"Can't Fix It", written and produced by Silivea Johnson, is the first release from her New album "Heart Surgery". In a message of hope about to those experiencing growing pains, it's a reminder that God is still able to mend broken hearts.

Silivea Johnson is an exceptionally talented female pioneer and vocalist who is also a multifaceted Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Music Engineer, Actress , and Syndication Host. Silivea creates heart-felt music and productions that capture audiences through messages of simplicity and hope. When adding her strong vocal ability to the mix, it is certainly a recipe for more than a joyful noise!In the year 2000, Silivea began to further expand the message of Christ through her own music and various productions. It was then when launched her first independent debut album entitled, " I Give Him Praise". Although her primary genre is Christian and Gospel, she is also known as extraordinary jazz vocalist. Silivea has opened for a variety of mainstream artists such as Patti LaBelle, and Dionne Warwick. She also toured professionally as lead vocalist with Billboard Award winning Jazz Trumpeter Tom Browne,Today as a Musician, Producer, and Engineer, Silivea Johnson spreads the good news of Jesus Christ through various types of audio, print, and visual products. She is the founder of Out Of Bondage Music & Productions L.L.C which offers a host of productions, and has given birth to the “Living Out Of Bondage TV Show”, and more recently, the "Out Of Bondage Music Radio Syndication Show". Silivea has long since been the founder of Out Of Bondage Records & S.J. Productions Studio, which was launched during the release of her second album, "Legacy Of Christ" in 2008.

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Cast Aside

Silivea Johnson

Silivea Johnson creates heart-felt music that captures listeners through simplicity, "Cast Aside" is uplifting & inspirational in that no matter how hard it gets to remember that God has not thrown His people away, or cast them aside!

Silivea Johnson creates heart-felt music that captures it's listeners through simplicity, and her powerful vocal ability is an added plus. "Cast Aside" written by Aritist / Producer Silivea Johnson, is the latest release single taken from Johnson's new album. This tune encourages it's listeners to believe that God has not forgotten nor forsaken them. This tune will grab you and pull you in from the first play!

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Get Through One More Moment

Silivea Johnson

Silivea Johnson in her single "Get Through One More Moment" offers a solution to the various challenges we all face from time to time. Instead of trying to get though it all at once, we should take it one moment at a time. You can make it!

"Get Through One More Moment" music single is about the journey of a hard situation and prayer bridging the gaps in a real life way. Silivea Johnson also has a music video piece which brings the visual experience of this song to life. It can be seen worldwide at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkh3SQqVP7c&feature=share&list=PL4CE670A44DD39644

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Legacy of Christ

Silivea Johnson

When you hear the unique and soothing sounds of Silivea Johnson's worship style, you will find yourself celebrating God's goodness, and reflecting upon your very own legacy.

Since the release of Silivea Johnson's debut album, "I Give Him Praise" in 2000, it is still her mission to advance God's Kingdom agenda through her music. Silivea's desire to worship her Lord is evident on her newest release album entitled, "Legacy of Christ". When you hear the unique and soothing sounds of Silivea Johnson's worship style, you will find yourself celebrating God's goodness, and reflecting upon your very own legacy! Silivea delivers a strong message in "Legacy of Christ" that gives testimony to many circumstances we all face from time to time in our lives. The diversity of music displayed on this release album will pierce your heart on every level! Silivea Johnson is not only featured on her new CD as vocalist, but for the very first time as writer/composer, and producer/engineer. "Legacy of Christ" has received rave reviews from many who listen and have agreed that this new album by Silivea Johnson is an anointed and powerful message. God has driven the music and ministry of Silivea Johnson, and if you like music, you will surely love this! You'll want to get this A & R development of God! For more artist information, visit the Silivea Johnson official website at www.siliveaj.com

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