Artist Silivea Johnson has released her new single called, “Cast Aside”.  She also released the “Cast Aside” Music Video as an additional aid to ongoing worldwide ministerial campaigns for the various causes she has highlighted throughout her the video.  The music ministry of “Cast Aside” is hoped to also bring some personal comfort those who are mostly neglected through theses types of abuse, and to increase awareness of violations such as neglect and abuse of the elderly, children, and victims of domestic violence. 
 “Cast Aside” is both a message and melody that is sure to touch hearts of all ages and backgrounds.  I has great potential to be a theme song for many who fight for these causes around the world. 
In the words of the songwriter on what motivates her for  the “Cast Aside” campaign, Silivea Johnson says, “ To God be the glory for all things restored by His grace through Jesus Christ. I believe that through a personal relationship with God, lives can change and broken relationships can be healed”. For more information on how you can be a part of the Cast Aside Awareness Campaign, visit or join the Facebook Page 

-Out Of Bondage Records